One-On-One Coaching

If you:

  • Feel stuck in your current work.
  • Feel like there is something more you can do and that you are not fully expressing your potential.
  • Want to become your own boss.
  • Want to monetize a specific skillset or talent that you have.
  • Aspire to become a digitalpreneur working remotely.
  • Feel that you are not living your purpose or passions.


  • You do not know where to start.
  • You do not have a strategy.
  • You need to develop a clear idea.
  • You need accountability and support.

Then we can work together, and I can support you in moving forward and doing what you truly love to do and what you are good at. We can work through what is standing in your way, create a clear plan, and jump into action to turn your ideas into reality.

Check out my 1:1 coaching program

Map your idea

which will help you map out, research, plan, and get ready to kickstart your business idea in just 6 weeks


I look forward to hearing from you!

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