Hi, I’m Loubna Sabbah
I Kickstarted my career by working in a financial institution and later in the banking sector in the credit department as the head of retail loans. After experiencing dissatisfaction and lack of purpose in my job, I decided to quit 3 years later and embark on a journey of self-discovery and career direction. I explored different business ideas and projects from starting up an event management company (Eventasia ltd) , to co-founding an NGO (KEMs-Kids Education Matters), to almost opening a talent academy, and finally venturing into a retail business. Throughout this phase of experimentation and with considerable reflection, I realized that I have a passion for self-development and helping people bring out the best in them.

The struggle of finding the right career, made me become aware of the gap in the educational system and the lack of encouragement for young kids especially when it comes to thinking outside the box, self-discovery, and doing what they love. Lack of self-knowledge leads to poor career decisions which is why more than 80% of working people (If you ask them) say that they are unhappy in their job or line of business. Knowing and experiencing myself , I decided to be part of the solution to this problem.

My mission today is:

“Helping individuals find and follow the right career path for them that aligns with their passions, skills, and opportunities available so that they experience a fulfilling and purposeful professional life.”

Throughout my career in coaching, I have facilitated numerous workshops around Mindset Change, The Power of Visualization, Life Vision, Time Management, and Career Direction in both Ghana and Lebanon. My clients were composed of both companies and individuals. Up until till today, I have worked with hundreds of clients throughout my workshops and 1:1 sessions helping them get on the right track.

In 2019 I developed my signature program “Mind Mapping your Career” which I facilitated at The American University of Beirut (AUB) in the Suliman S. Olayan  school of business to help students figure out what they wanted to do post-graduation.

I hold a diploma in solution focused coaching from Erickson International and an Associate Certified Coach Accreditation (ACC) from ICF (International coach federation) .

Today my journey still continues and I am happy you came across my page!

I would love to assist you in offering you support and guidance as you decide on a clear life direction, and track-forward to a more fulfilling, true-to-self lifestyle, so that you may pursue you goals with renewed energy and motivation.