Hi, I'm Loubna Sabbah

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, and an ICF certification in Professional coaching. My first position post-graduation was in a financial institution, after which I moved to the banking sector, specifically the credit department, where I was in direct contact with loan applicants.

In 2013 I moved to Ghana, living there for six years during which I had the opportunity to do introspection, and undertake a journey of self-discovery. This allowed me to see clearly, perhaps for the first time, that I needed to pursue a different career path, as none of my previous jobs, in hindsight, could have ever led me to the self-fulfillment that I sought. Soul-searching and active searching ensured, an decided to get involved in a multitude of varying projects as part of my pathfinding foray. It was then that I realized that I have a passion for self-development and helping people discover and pursue their truest passions to lead a more fulfilling, authentic life.

Today, I’m a Certified Professional Coach from one of the leading coaching programs worldwide offered by Erickson International, and a proud member of the International Coaching Federation. I am guided and fully adhere to the International Coaching Federation’s Standards and Ethics (for more information, kindly visit https://coachfederation.org/)

My coaching career came to full speed in Ghana, where I have facilitated several workshops themed around mindset change, life balance, life vision, goal-setting, time management, and visualization techniques. I have helped many driven individuals discover their uniqueness, fortes and passion, assisting them in developing clear, actionable plans, and instigated the mindset change necessary to realize their visions & ideas.

I recently moved back to Lebanon to pursue my passion for coaching, notably because I strive to work with young adults and individuals who are feeling stuck in their life progression, or going through tumultuous life transitions. I offer them support and guidance as they decide on a clear life direction, and track-forward to a more fulfilling, true-to-self lifestyle, so that they may pursue their goals with renewed energy and motivation.