Hi, I’m Loubna Sabbah
Right after my graduation from the American University of Beirut, I started my career path in the banking sector. And despite a successful start, it left me unfulfilled. I knew it wasn’t what I was passionate about, and what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I moved to Ghana in 2013 and lived there for 6 years during which I took a few months off to do some introspection, soul searching, and try out different things. I started with event planning and management while doing scriptwriting for school plays at the same time. I also explored the option of starting a talent academy. During that time, it became obvious to me that I was always drawn to helping and empowering others. My favorite part of managing events was finding talented people to perform, especially those who didn’t have enough exposure. And during my scriptwriting projects, I always used to imagine how rewarding it would be to support gifted students come up and express themselves on stage.

It was through identifying my passions, values, skills, and knowledge and combining them that my ultimate vocation became clear to me: Helping and empowering people to discover and pursue their truest passions to lead a more fulfilling, authentic life.

I realize that a lot of people struggle, like I did, to find fulfillment and a clear life direction. Since childhood, we were always taught and trained to seek knowledge about almost everything, except ourselves. It is only through self-knowledge and self-awareness that we can make decisions true to who we are, giving us lasting joy in the process.

After receiving my certifications from ICF and the Erickson academy, my coaching career flourished. For the past few years, I have facilitated several workshops themed around mindset change, life balance, life vision, goal-setting, time management, and visualization techniques. I have also helped many driven individuals discover their uniqueness, fortes and passion, assisting them in developing clear, actionable plans, and instigated the mindset change necessary to realize their visions & ideas.

Today my journey still continues and I am happy you came across my page!

I would love to assist you in offering you support and guidance as you decide on a clear life direction, and track-forward to a more fulfilling, true-to-self lifestyle, so that you may pursue you goals with renewed energy and motivation.